A Procedure to Die For
by Myron Guillory

The United States of America was founded upon Christian principles, where freedom through a democratic system was expected to unite all people regardless of race, gender, class, or religion. Young America looked into the mirror (the Word of God), and she loved her reflection. She was a Christian nation; she was “America the Beautiful.” As she grew older, she forgot her founding principles, and she decided to re-invent herself. She received a full facelift, which replaced her humility with pride, her generosity with greed, her freedom with slavery, and her unity with division. The most important factor that united this nation was God and his powerful Word, but when America refused to submit to God’s authority, she was defaced with division and confusion. Instead of seeing her citizens as one, she divided them into races. This transformed her sense of community into a mindset of self-preservation, each race opting to take care of its own self-imposed agenda. As a result America began her transformation into a survival-of-the-fittest society.